Saturday, March 15, 2008

Version 0.1

Here is my first post about FakeSmile.

FakeSmile is a javascript library implementing SMIL (for SVG mainly).
You will find more information about it on this page.
If you are a developer, here is the source code and the development progress.

This project started in mid February 2008.
You might also be interested by these projects : (or the equivalent extension :
- Daniel Holbert is working on the Firefox patch (see bug comments)
- For Timesheets, see also this script.



Bruce said...

Great Job!
I didn't see any license restrictions. Is it OK to use this as a basis for an extension to enable svg images in an image tag?

David Leunen said...

Thanks Bruce,

The license is GPLv3. I've added the notice in the code and in the FAQ.

Anonymous said...

Are planned some updates, esp. extension compatible with FFX3?
It would be great...

David Leunen said...

I just adjusted the extension's maxVersion. It should work fine with fx3 now.

The planned updates are :
- additivity support
- better timesheets support

VI said...

Your script still works fine, David. It's great.
Your solution is not very visible, it took me more than a year to find out about it. But now it's time for SVG and maybe you could promote it a little bit. Ulrike Häßler